Mykonos Pearls

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Hello my beautiful followers, it’s that time again for another travel blog :-)

I recently boarded my flight and headed over to the beautiful island of Mykonos located

within the Greek islands for a mini summer vaycay with the girls (because why not ?).

OK firstly let me just start by saying WOW, I have only ever dreamed of visiting such an

exotic island and having my dream turn to reality was just unbelievable. Let me paint this

picture for you…. wait jokes just look at these images I took =D

Mykonos is without a doubt one of the best places to party in the Greek islands, I guess you

could say it’s the island that doesn’t sleep! Dinners start late, then clubbing at the most

popular places until ridiculous hours of the morning, crashing at home then waking up just

in time for brunch and tanning then doing it all over again!

Its very social and the people there are nice, accommodating and friendly, this is the perfect place to go with a group of friends or even bring the family on a nice holiday and really take in the white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise waters and endless natural beauty. Mykonos without doubt one of the most exclusive holiday destinations on the globe!


Well it comes without a doubt in my mind that the best place to stay in Mykonos is at the

gorgeous Mykonos pearls. Mykonos Pearls has over 80 luxury villas on the island to choose

from and caters to all types of holiday goers, you may be a hopeless romantic wanting to

take in the gorgeous sunsets with your lover or planning on spending a special getaway with your family.

I was lucky enough to stay at two of the Mykonos pearls villas on my recent trip with my

girlfriends, the managers and staff were so welcoming and helpful, they really made us feel

special. The first villa we stayed at was called Villa Elise and was located in the beautiful area of Agios Sostis right next to the beach. Within the Elise villa there was 5 big bedrooms, one large pool overlooking the beach and linked to the pool was a jacuzzi. It was so peaceful staying at this villa, the girls and I didn’t want to leave, it was perfect for lazing around and soaking up the warm Mykonos sun before going for a dip in the pool!

The second villa I was lucky enough to stay at was called Villa Eleodora located in Fanari

overlooking the whole of Mykonos and provided spectacular ocean views and gorgeous

sunsets. This luxurious villa had 6 large bedrooms and a stunning pool complete with

tanning beds.

Its easy to see how Mykonos Pearls is a popular accommodation destination for all travellers heading to Mykonos, I look forwards to staying with them again very soon!


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