Morocco Fashion Looks

Travelling to morocco has always been a dream of mine! I have always been fascinated with the scenery and culture which surrounds it. When I was invited to go on an all-inclusive influencer trip to morocco I was over the moon, the itinerary was next level, and this was a once in a life time opportunity.

Okay, when travelling to morocco it is important to pack modest clothing. If you wear clothing that reveals your chest, arms and legs in the street or at the markets, especially being female you may receive unwanted attention.

Choosing outfits became very difficult for me, as covering my arms and legs and chest just does not happen on the Gold Coast haha! I can usually get away with wearing a singlet and short shorts and receive no attention what so ever.

I took to the Instagram pages of some of my favourite fashion bloggers for inspiration, and came up with these next outfits: Souk Markets

The Souk Markets are filled with spices, authentic seasonal foods and hand-woven fabrics which create bright vibrant colours throughout the markets. When planning my outfit to this location I wanted to wear something that was a very basic neutral colour. I decided to wear the following:

Top: White singlet with long sleeve button up over the top to cover my arms and chest

Pants: Long high waist beige pant with beige belt.

Shoes: Sneakers

Head: White scarf to cover my hair if I felt I was getting any unwanted attention and a wide brimmed straw hat to keep the sun off my face.

Desert Location

So apparently you can wear whatever you like in the desert, I still put a full outfit together just to be comfortable:

Outfit 1:

Okay so this was my first desert look

Dress – For Love and Lemons

Scarf - Camilla

Boots - Solsana

Outfit 2:

Pants - ASOS

Bodysuit - I Am Gia

Boots - Windsor smith Street Style:

It can get very hot over in morocco so its nice to wear cool flowy outfits! Dress - Fortunate Ones Sandals - Sabo Skirt Palace Location:

I decided to wear a matching white silk set with a white wrap scarf.

Outfit - Sisters the Label Resorts:

You can wear anything, by this I mean anything! From completely covered to very minimal (bikini).

Dress - Runaway the label and matched it with a scarf.

Bikini - VDM The Label

If you're trying to figure out what to wear on your upcoming trip to Morocco, just think long and flowing with modest coverage. I took it as an opportunity to think outside of the box and outside of my usual “go to” fashion zone and it was so fun creating outfits for each day you can become quite creative with it!