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The Lawn $$

By far one of my most favourite food and beverage bar! It is

located in Canggu overlooking the beach, it has a indoor area with a bar and restaurant which

opens up to the outside area which is coated with green grass and has tables and beds for lounging

and tanning which overlooks the pool and if you go in the afternoon you will see the most beautiful

sunsets! Great place for sunset pictures holding a cocktail or 2…

They just recently put a rooftop bar in also which is called the “sunset deck” Here you can watch

the sun set as well. The lawn is an Australian owned bar, the service is very quick and the prices for

food and drinks are great. You will get more bang for your buck at this place I promise you.

They have vegetarian options for all of the veggie people out there also.

The Loft ($$)

For all my healthy food lovers, The Loft is a great café, it is located in Canggu, I went

there for breakfast with the girls. The pricing is pretty good, their food is sensational and full of flavours,

their juices are my favourite's and also the waffles are out of this world.

The loft has a pink wall which is super cute for pictures, its located out the front of the store, the girls and

I sat there eating our food while we watched people watched. This cafe has a hip vibe to it, the service

was quick, It also seems to be a popular hub for influencer's.

ULU CLIFF HOUSE ($$$) While I was in Bali, I visited Uluwatu which is south east of Kuta. While I was there I visited the

“Ulu Clifhouse” It is a beach club/ restaurant which is located on the cliff edge of Uluwatu cliffs

overlooking the ocean and creating beautiful sunsets. It is incredibly stunning and elegant, it has a posh

vibe to it.

UCH has by far the most amazing cocktails I have ever tasted, it is a bit pricy BUT when on holiday why

not treat yo-self to a incredible night out. Great tunes, fast service, tasteful food, exotic cocktails

overlooking the reef and ocean while the sun set.

Kynd Community ($$)

To all of my Vegan and vegetarian friends! No, I have not forgotten about you.

If there ever was a packed-out café it would be this one. The food is so incredible you will literally

be queuing for a seat at Kynd Community. I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing considering the vegan

food I received was next level good! I am not vegan, however I cannot have dairy products…

my favourite part about this meal was the was the chocolate oreo shake, if I’m being honest

I was SHOOK, this was the best tasting smoothie I have ever had.

Even if you are not vegan you will enjoy this café a lot !

I also loved the creativity of the smoothie bowl, they created words out of fruit to create “Bali vibes”

you can of course choose what you would like it to say. This café is very colourful and has beautiful

tasting meals. This restaurant also has a popular wall which is bright pink … it only sits 2 people against

the wall it creates the cutest Instagram picture, but I’m warning you, you may have to fight for it. It’s a vibe.


So far I have been to Bali 3 times in the past year, and every time, I go to Strawberry fields.

If you are in Bali I would recommend to check SF out ! It is located in Canggu, their food caters

for every meal time, breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dinner I had the burgers, It’s a great

place to go to if you are just starting the night as SF is known for their good tasting burgers and cocktails!

The service is fast, the restaurant has a indoor-outdoor and a super chill vintage look and feel to it.

They also do amazing acai and dragon fruit smoothies served in unique coconut bowls which is tasty

as breakfast time. They are also provide vegetarian and vegan options.

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