Andi Bagus

I recently shot for Andi Bagus in bali, Andi Bagus is a Australian lady who started up the brand

creating all different typed of swimwear including crochet swim and crochet clothing. This

company is super popular on Instagram and almost everyone is rocking it! I did a shoot for

Andi Bagus while I was in Bali on my second trip which was incredible, they were so easy to work with.

When I arrived back home in Australia Andi Bagus contacted me and asked me to create a YouTube

haul for them as they had seen and loved my other YouTube hauls. I was so happy to work with

them again and to share my thoughts about the design and quality of the swimwear and clothing garments.

I would definitely consider Andi Bagus to be a incredible fashion swimwear brand. Their garments are

the perfect tropical beach attire and can create beautiful garments using bright colours and natural tones.

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