A Week In Morocco

Hey travellers, I’m currently on the plane home from Marrakesh, 33,000 ft up in the middle of nowhere and I cannot sleep, so I’m listening to some tunes and writing to you!

This month I was lucky enough to visit Marrakesh in Morocco with the Ace Experience. The Ace Experience are a travel company who bought together some influencers to show off the best that Marrakesh had to offer. It was by far one of the best experiences I have had! Obviously, Marrakesh has always been a dream of mine to go to because of the culture, different way of life and its history.

Well we finally got there and here are some things I got up to!

Souk Markets –

The souk markets was nothing like I had ever experienced before, there were so many markets and stalls, some had beautiful gold antiques, handmade goodies, carpet stalls and others had local clothing, herbs and spices and local foods to try.

In the souk Market court yard there were locals walking around with cobras and monkeys, this was very frightening to some of us girls as we were afraid of snakes HAHA. It was an experience I will not forget.

It is best to travel with a small group or make sure you are travelling with a friend. It isn’t bad as a lot of people make it out to be. You can travel through the streets and go shopping in medina just ensure you cover up, for example, long pants with a casual button up shirt and wrap around scarf. If you do not cover up you will receive a lot of unwanted attention.

Food At Souk Markets –

I highly recommend checking out LA SALAMA, they offer delicious traditional Moroccan cuisine and beautiful views over the Medina. La Salama has a welcoming atmosphere for tourists and provides great service. The group I was with ate lunch at the top of the restaurant however the second floor was more air conditioned, you may be sweating if you stay on the top floor!

Agafay Desert –

If your looking for a spectacular desert location and even somewhere to stay the night I would recommend the Erre Des Etoiles. I was lucky enough to visit for the day and experience life in the desert, it was quite amazing, there was a restaurant and areas throughout the desert which had lux camping sections with private pools. They also had farm animals, I was lucky enough to walk with the camels during sun set it was very magical

Palas Namaskar –

Literally one of my most favourite places to visit, when I go back to Marrakesh I will be visiting this palace again! It is a MUST! I spent the whole day here, it is so easy to get lost in the different locations of the palace, it goes on for ever and it is so magical. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is amazing for tanning and laying around the pool. I think the images speak for themselves.

Nikki Beach –

Okay, the Moroccans know how to throw a day party… if you are looking for a day club Nikki Beach is the place to visit, it goes OFF!! They serve amazing cocktails and food to enjoy under the sun and even in your own private cabana there are so many to choose from. There is a live DJ on set for the whole day just pumping the tunes. It is the perfect location to celebrate with friends!

Where to stay?

My friends and I were lucky enough to stay at “Riad Shiraz” which is a beautiful 4-bedroom suite house which also provides a private in ground pool and adds a special charm. It is spacious and offers amazing natural light and rustic vibes perfectly suited to the Moroccan vibe!

Check out my YouTube video on Morocco here: