Bonjour! If you follow my social media channels you would have seen my recent visit to Paris during a euro trip with my fiancé. I wanted to share with you a couple of my most beloved restaurants to visit if you are thinking of making your way to the famous city of love …Paris is one of the biggest cities in the world and is known mostly for its famous historical landmarks, Art centers, Culture and Fashion capital. Making your way through Paris can become exhausting and Time-Out is necessary, it is important to re- fuel your body with only the best food ever! The following two restaurants are my recommendations: Pink Mumma $$ - Italian Ok so I literally found this restaurant through Instagram, a couple of my friends have visited and just from the images it looked incredible, so I of course decided to check it! If you are thinking about visiting for lunch or dinner I highly recommend booking in advance because this place books out, you cannot walk in you must book!!

I have shared a map of Pink Mamma's, just so you can get an idea of how massive this restaurant is, they have 5 levels in total all which have different characteristics. Did I mention the que to get in goes beyond the entrance? We were taken to the top level which I believe is the 5th level of Pink Mamma's, the stairwell is full of historical paintings and pictures leading up to our dining area. The 5th level is spectacular as it takes the shape of a vintage glass dome filled with flourishing greenery. What I Ordered Starter - Prosciutto e Melone Tartare Napoli Gogo Dream Main - La Fameuse Pate a La Truffe Pizza Bianca If I had to pick a favorite dish, I would say that the “Prosciutto e Melone” is my favorite! A classic Italian styled pasta however I have never tasted a pasta dish this mouth-watering. Overall, The food at Pink Mumma's fails to disappoint! The delicious food is something that cannot be missed when visiting Paris! The tasteful menu will surely satisfy your appetite.

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