Bali Island Hoping


If you are heading to Bali I recommend for you to go to Uluwatu. Uluwatu is located in the southern area of Bali. Here you will find magical beaches, cliffs, caves, beach bars and clubs. The girls and I stayed at “Sun Surf N Stay” it’s a beach shack themed villa which is 3 levels high and is located within the cliff face of Uluwatu.

It will take you about 1.5 hours to travel from Canggu to Uluwatu, once I arrived we had to call for the care takers to collect our baggage and carry it to our room. There were multiple flights of steep stairs down the cliffs, it’s impossible for you to get help to carry your big bags down if they weigh more than you! Thankfully we had some lovely gentlemen helping us. Once we arrived at our villa we had ocean front views and the villa has its own bar right next to our room, so we visited for some drinks and food.

While we were in Uluwatu we went for a swim and did some tanning on the beach, this is also where we visited “Ulu Cliff House”, It is a beach club/restaurant which is located on the cliff edge of Uluwatu cliffs overlooking the ocean and creating beautiful sunsets. It is incredibly stunning and elegant, it has a posh vibe to it. UCH has by far the most amazing cocktails I have ever tasted, it is a bit pricy BUT when on holiday why not treat yo-self to an incredible night out. Great tunes, fast service, tasteful food, exotic cocktails overlooking the reef and ocean while the sun set. You will love it!


When you are visiting Bali, you may want to check out the islands which are located east of Bali. I was lucky enough to visit 2 popular island destinations “Nusa Lembongan” and “Gili Trawangan”.

If you are traveling from Bali, to get to Nusa Lembongan is a 30 minute boat ride, the boat holds around 20 people at a time. Once you arrive there it is nothing but beautiful white sand, blue water, green cliffs and a stunning view of Mount Agung across the ocean. After you depart the boat, you till travel across the yellow bridge to paradise !

We stayed at “Le Pirate Beach Club”, it’s a super cute beach stay. The room we stayed in had 4 bunk beds in it which was perfect for the 3 of us girls and an outdoor shower and toilet (make sure you take insect replant). 3 days is plenty of time on this island to achieve all the activities available.

The main transport on Nusa Lembongan is using motorbikes. There are pretty much no cars for transportation on this island, motorbikes are all you need.

While you are on Nusa Lembongan you will want to go site seeing, I would recommend using Island Time Bali Tour Guides (@islandtime_bali)! They are amazing, the girls and I had the best experience, they provide private day tours to all group sizes. Island time Bali Tours will take you to all the breath-taking hotspots on and around island. We visited Blue Lagoon, Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay and Snorkelling Tours.

Island Time Bali provided us with all of our snorkeling equipment, they showed us hidden areas for snorkeling where you could see the ancient Buddha statues at the bottom of the ocean. We also got time to visit Crystal Bay. It is a beautiful tropical beach on Nusa Pendina, it is covered in palm trees and crystal clear waters. Its perfect for relaxing and drinking coconuts.

You must visit Kelingking Beach if you are traveling to the islands. This is one of the most beautiful sites there is. You can walk down the cliff to the beach which has crystal clear blue water, white soft sand and cute monkeys !

If you are looking for a awesome beach bar I would recommend checking out "The Sand Ceningan" (@thesand_ceningan). They provide fresh meals and a tasty drinks menu. You can sit back in a hammock and watch the sun go down. The service is amazing also.

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