Favourite Fashionable Hair Styles For Winter

It is the season for textured hair. I recently caught up with @KYKHAIR and we came up with amazing hair

styles to keep you looking hot this winter.


I’ve decided to start with my favourite hair style which is this tasteful braid with an incorporated messy ponytail.

Braids are in there is no doubt about that, you can dress them up and down. We decided to combine

this braid with a high pony which we added a messy textured look to using hair spray. I love

this style because brings out the highlights and darker tones which creates a breath-taking look for winter.


This is a super creative hair style which is incorporated with a loose French style braid running

down each side of the head, the ends of the braid have been blended into the rest of the hair.

We used a curling iron to infuse natural locks which have been pulled through. This hairstyle provides a

more distinguished look, it’s very versatile when styling with outfits for this winter. This is a great style to

create when wanting to show definition using the different shades within the hair.


I love this style a lot because it can be created with short or long hair, it is perfectly imperfect.

Even though this hair style can be suited to all seasons, it is an essential for this winter as it is

effortless and creative. There are many ways to create a wavy look, its a great opportunity to get creative

by using a mixture of tools such as curling iron, wet hair with sea salt spray, moose, straightening iron.


We decided to create something a bit different and came up with this romantic undone up style. It is truly

a classic statement look for this winter. We enhanced the posh vibe when we incorporated these

striking hair jewels which we purchased from a bridal shop called @Jeanettemaree. This hair piece adds

the glamour to the hair style however, if you aren’t really a hair jewel person it can still look striking without.

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