Milky Lane $$$

Well… if you are in Australia you would have seen the rave on social media about the new “Milky Lane”

restaurant opening on the Gold Coast. They opened a few weeks ago and had a HUGE launch

party everyone was there! I however was away that day and couldn’t attend the launch, so I

decided to drop in with a girlfriend of mine and check the place out !

When we arrived to Milky Lane I couldn’t help but notice the graffiti styled layout, they have an awesome

setup which has an old school R&B Hip Hop feel too it. The restaurant has a low-lit interior which generates

a darker look inside. There are walls covered in graffiti with awesome paintings created of the

NWA boys and Eminem, the music genre consists throwback hip hop beats and rap music.

Milky Lane is unique as it has its own identity and doesn’t blend in with other typical styled restaurants.

We pretty much jumped right into the menu once we sat down, we ordered a couple of drinks to

start off with, I ordered the “Bubble gum Sour” $18 and my friend ordered the “Expresso Martini” $18.

The cocktail menu is really creative, each cocktail had its own signature look to it, my cocktail had roasted

marshmallows, the drinks were really sweet and strong, just how I like them!

We ordered a couple of burgers, my friend ordered the Lil – Weezy burger $13, which was your classic

cheese burger only bigger and better. I ordered the Chic – Kanye which had crispy southern fried chicken

and smoked bacon $19. For sides we were hungry so we ordered the sweet potato chips with

aioli $9.50 and popcorn chicken $12 on the side.

I am in-love with the burgers they are packed and full of flavour, I was surprised because usually after

I eat big burgers like these they can sometimes leave me feeling a bit ill, however after eating all of this

food I didn’t feel sick at all! The popcorn chicken is a must if you are visiting Milky Lane they are so

mouth-watering and is a favourite of mine.

I will be going back to milky lane whether it be for good beats and pre-drinks before heading out into town or

if I’m crawling back in for a meal to cure my hangover!

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